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Allowable Fruits and Vegetables For The HCG Diet Plan

watermelon HCG dietWe’ve spent a lot of time so far discussing various HCG weight loss options, various products that can be chosen, and also how to detect the real hormone. Yet avoiding hormone-free products is not all that makes someone successful on the HCG diet program.  There are various allowed fruits and vegetables (along with various meats) that go along with the phase 2 program.  We will be going over some of the major ones here, in the hopes of clarifying which foods are allowed in phase 2, and which need to be avoided in order to achieve success.

Low Carbohydrates

One the primary limitations is that of carbohydrates.  Generally, people are to avoid them during phase 2 (along with starches) so this cuts out a lot of vegetables such as potatoes, corn or rice.  There are various other vegetables which are not allowed on the modern HCG diet program during phase 2.

  • wheat (bread, pasta etc)
  • beets
  • yams
  • parsnips
  • butternut or acorn squash

These are just a few examples of veggies that are not allowed in phase 2.  Additionally, high carbohydrates fruits are things such as:

  • cherries
  • grapes
  • mangoes
  • dates

These fruits are high in carbs due to their natural sugars (fructose) which cause them to be disallowed in Phase 2.  However, basically all other fruits and vegetables are allowed on the HCG diet program.

Additionally meats are allowed, along with some beans and legumes (for vegetarians) as part of the HCG diet.  Meal replacement shakes are best if they are low in fat and carbs but high in protein.  These offer a great replacement for lunch while in phase 2, and just about any brand that fits these criteria will work.  Meats should be limited to fish, chicken or lean beef (generally 95% fat free ground beef is advised).  Turkey is also allowed in rare cases, but it should be freshly sliced not prepackaged deli meat.

The choices for food on the modern HCG diet allows for a better success rate with the use of HCG drops.  Generally people struggle to stick to the heavily restrictive program originally recommended by Dr. Simeons, but luckily this has not been found to be essential.  Rather, a switch from processed foods to organic and natural foods, along with a reduction in carbs and starches as he recommended, appears  to be the catalyst that provides user weight loss success.  As such, most people taking HCG Plus drops, are able to lose the same level of weight as injections, but without the restrictive diet or painful administration.

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