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Avoiding Hormone-Free Products Can Lead to Success

HCG ImpactThere are many products out there right now claiming to be actual HCG. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are simply thin covers for liquid vitamin supplements. The present labeling paradigm is to use the term ‘HCG’ and apply it to all sorts of other products, which do not contain the hormone. People who purchase such products often quickly find themselves on a reduced calorie diet program, without the aid of any proven treatment.  As such, it’s essential for people to be aware of this, and avoid it when they select their HCG drops brand.

Contrary to what is usually seen with these hormone-free drops (10 or so pounds of weight loss per regimen), our customers’ results tend to be much better.  Those that are using HCG well, actually are able to lose 20 to 40 pounds per regimen, which is right in line with what you’d expect with a real HCG product.  Studies on this topic have revealed that real HCG, injections or otherwise, is around 400% more effective than dieting alone.

A Recipe For Success

The most assured way to achieve success on the HCG diet program is by closely following the protocol.  There are various options therein, including the classic 500 calories approach from Dr. Simeons, to the modern program we recommend that allows for up to 700 calories per day.  Both programs have been shown to have equal results (with the modern perhaps having better overall weight loss).

Beyond this however, it’s critically important for people to take the real hormone.  HCG Plus contains significant levels of HCG in each bottle, however, most products do not.  Unfortunately, there are too many choices out there when it comes to the HCG brands, and it’s difficult to distinguish the real ones from the fakes.  Hormone-free products are all over the place, from GNC to Wal-mart, and in all cases these do not contain the hormone.  Homeopathic HCG may contain a bit of the hormone, but for the most part, will bey way too little to be effective.

People must take in at least 150 IUs per day, that means a bottle of HCG which lasts around 30 days, will need right around 5000 IUs of the hormone in it.  Most provide billions of times less than this amount.  This is the threshold for efficacy, however, so it should be toyed with by taking too little. There are significant potential health risks for going on a reduced calorie program without the help of any weight loss aid.  Yet, many are falling into this trap by accidentally purchasing the wrong products without realizing that they don’t contain the hormone.

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