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Further Evidence That HCG Diet Really Works

HCG Diet Weight Loss ChartThe HCG diet program is a powerful weight loss method, or so says users. The question remains if these experiences are unique, or if they are a common, and even predictable effect of the HCG plan itself.  For many years researchers have been studying HCG and its weight loss effects.  For the most part, the results have been conclusive.  The use of HCG, coupled with a reduced calorie diet, generates more weight loss in users than any other known method.  These staggering benefits are seen even when someone deals with a chronic health problem that generally  prevents much fat loss.

Blind studies of this type have been numerous, with thousands of universities and independent labs testing the efficacy of this natural hormone.  Generally, what is found that within a single treatment, most people will lose 20 to 30 pounds.  Above we have provided such a case.  This woman used HCG injections and successfully lost around 20 pounds within a single month on the program.  This can be considered quite normal when it comes to the HCG diet program.  Results of this type are fairly common, which makes the HCG diet stand apart from many of its other counterparts in the diet and weight loss community.

The HCG hormone is natural, generally being produced by women during pregnancy or during their monthly cycle.  For a long time it was an obscure treatment, considered by many to be nothing more than a fad.  However, after years of study in the lab, scientists led by Dr. A.T.W Simeons discovered that HCG was actually generating outrageously good results for his clients.  Most of his patients lost over 50 pounds after several rounds of injections.  He put together what is now called the HCG diet program, which includes 3 distinct phases meant to maximize the total success rate losing weight with the hormone.  Loading, dieting and then maintenance were each specifically designed to boost total weight lost throughout the program.

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