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Exercise and the HCG Diet Plan

exercise and HCGThe HCG diet program as originally prescribed by Dr. Simeons requires only 500 calories per day with no exercise being allowed. This is easy to see why, as any exercise on such a low calorie diet program could be quite dangerous for the body. Exercise burns calories, but not all fat can be easily released to offset burning large amounts of calories per day. As such, the body can actually face down some serious problems with exercise and a severally reduced calorie diet such as Dr. Simeons originally described. This can be a problem for a lot of users, as they hope they can increase their chances at success by adding some daily exercise into the mix. Exercise, however, is not the greatest motivator of weight loss, contrary to popular opinion. Though it benefits a lot of different organs of the body, from the heart to the kidneys, the major factor that initiates weight loss is always food and calories taken in through food. This is the number one area of concern with achieving long term weight loss, and this is why Dr. Simeons originally concentrated so heavily on this.

All is not lost, however, for the exercise junkie. There are plans that allow for additional calories per day, a wider variety of foods (needed to keep the vitamin levels in the body ideal), and still allowing people to exercise. Achieving real HCG weight loss results is in fact possible even with these higher calorie plans, as long as moderate exercise is being included. Various programs are generally recommended, from 700 calories each day until around 1000 calories per day. People need to also take in more protein, so it is popular to add in meal replacement shakes that are high in protein, low in calories, and low in carbohydrates as meals if one of these programs are chosen over the original Dr. Simeons method.

Selecting a High or Low Calorie HCG Diet Program

Choosing among the various options when it comes to the HCG diet will generally require some idea of an individual’s innate strengths and weaknesses. Someone who is hoping to lose 10-15 pounds over the course of a regimen, because they are already quite thin (as a measurement of their BMI), should generally select a higher caloric intake program. With a BMI in the 25 range or lower, more calories per day will actually result in a healthier weight loss slope, and prevent plateaus due to already being in the normal weight bracket. Someone with a much higher BMI, would generally benefit from a lower calorie program.

HCG Plus, or any HCG drops for that matter, generally benefit the user similarly regardless of how many calories are taken in per day. A person needing to lose less weight, is also more prone to wanting to exercise, which definitely requires a higher caloric intake per day to do safely. Additionally, fewer calories does not always mean a person will lose more weight. Taking in too few calories per day can actually result in significant stagnation of weight loss throughout the program, as the body will enter into plateaus more easily. Surprisingly, many people lose more total weight on a slightly higher calorie intake program, rather than Dr. Simeons original 500 calories per day and restrictive allowable foods diet.

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