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Food Selection More Important Than Ever

New research on the HCG diet has indicated that food selections on the program may be significantly more important than previously though. Though it’s clear that food choices impact the diet, a new study suggests that deviations from the organic nature of the program can harm progress for up to 4 days after the event occurs. In a group of several dozen HCG users, it was tracked how many days they did not lose weight after a ‘cheat’. What was found was that few people were able to lose weight within the first 4 days of any that occurs. This is thought to be a result of the body switching out of high metabolism mode, perhaps caused by the increased carbs during these days.

Carbohydrates will be processed by the body into sugars in the bloodstream, which have hormonal effects on the brain. Carbs are considered to be more addictive than cocaine, and as such, they can be significantly damaging to the hypothalamus production on the HCG diet. People should be mindful of this problem, and closely follow guidance about the foods on the HCG diet. It’s too easy to stray from what is required on occasion, but the effects of this can be significant. Regardless of the progress people make on HCG, they can hamper their overall success by cheating.

Though cheating is not always going to cause this kind of problem, it really should be avoided. People can do modest amounts of cheating, where they take in alcohol for instance, without it severely affecting their results. Unfortunately, it’s when people ‘cheat’ with carbs that the study has indicate people will have the most issues with their success on the program. The HCG diet is fragile, and the hormone itself requires a certain pH in the body to exist and function properly. As such, the diet program is much more than just a reduction in calories, but a message to the body to act a certain way and burn fat more efficiently. The hypothalamus, once “turned up” doesn’t take too long to turn off again. It’s always much more difficult to boost metabolism than to slow it down, especially when fat burning is the goal.

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