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Green Coffee Bean Extract With The HCG Diet

green coffee bean extractCoffee is allowed on the HCG diet program, in both the classic and modern approaches. Dr. Simeons was an advocate of this as it has lots of great benefits. Significant research has been conducted on coffee, and any benefits it may offer, in recent years. Harvard study, published several years ago, followed hundreds of thousands of coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers for a period of 30 years. What they found was that drinking over 6 cups of coffee a day, where a cup was defined as eight ounces or more, actually had significant health benefits. These benefits go beyond weight loss, or anything else, but actually relate to diseases. For instance. colon cancer risk drops by almost 50% compared to those not drinking coffee, or only drinking a little bit. The instance of diabetes as well also reduces by over 20%.

Green coffee extract has become a great way for people to get these fantastic benefits, without having to drink coffee each day.  There’s also a whole lot of antioxidants that are lost in the roasting process, which is not the case with green coffee.  Green coffee is the raw bean, which is dried, but not roasted.  It contains tons of good vitamins and minerals that simply aren’t present in the roast variety.

Usefulness for the HCG diet

The food selections for the HCG diet allow for coffee, or green coffee, as much as the person wants to drink.  This is a great natural appetite suppressant.  As far as food selections for phase 3 it is also permitted as part of the maintenance phase as well.  Green coffee extract can be a great addition to the program, as many of the minerals and vitamins have great advantages in losing weight.

Green coffee is a powerful metabolism booster, and can significantly increase the success rate on the HCG diet program.  However, any supplement will do, and people can simply purchase them at Amazon or any other local retailer for vitamins.  They will generally be a few dollars for 30 days or so of supplementation.  This can be a very good option for those looking to increase their weight loss on the program, but doing so through natural means.

Compared to other metabolism boosters, such as grapefruit, green coffee can be seen as basically an equivalent in results.  Grapefruit generates 7-8% of total body weight loss, on its own, in only 12 weeks, while recent studies on green coffee show similar results.  This is a tremendous amount of weight, especially when nothing beyond taking a single, organic ingredient is necessary to achieve results.  HCG can definitely see some major improvements, especially by way of plateau busting properties, from the use of this extract.

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