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Phase 2 of the HCG Diet Program – Breakdown for Real HCG Drops

Phase-2 Weight LossPhase 2 of the HCG diet program is easily the most important part of the method. Improper techniques in this period of the diet can result in stagnant and troublesome results throughout the program. As such, it’s essential to discover and make use of only the best methods known, in order to achieve top quality results. Phase 2 is often called the “very low calorie diet”, but there is much more to it than simply reducing ones caloric intake.  It is also important to control exactly what a person is putting into their body as far as food and other substances.  People are to go on a reduced calorie diet program where they replace their major protein sources with fish, lean beef (98% fat-free hamburger for instance) and chicken.  These offset the generally poor source for protein that make up the average diet.  However, it is also important to remove all non-organic foods, at least in the USA.

Few people realize that most beef from the USA generally will contain artificial hormones, and cows are generally fed completely inorganic components.  These can result in some very negative consequences, as bovine growth hormone is quite similar to human growth hormone.  HCG is very sensitive to exposure regarding other hormones, and the molecules of HCG can break apart and dissociate within the user’s body, greatly decreasing its effects.  Likewise, it’s important to cut back on fruits or vegetables that are high in carbs or starches, such as potatoes, corn, or rice.  Most fruits and vegetables beyond these categories are included in the HCG diet program and can help a user achieve success.

We have discussed in the past how grapefruit boosts metabolism, and this is a great choice for Phase 2.  This can keep plateaus from forming as readily during the program.  Yet, this is not the only advisable fruit to add to phase 2.  Apples and cantaloupes have also been a favorite among those looking for additional support from natural and organic sources.  In both cases, these fruits offer additional metabolic boosting effects.


Preventing Stalls

Any weight loss method, no matter what it entails, will result in occasional stalls in results along the way.  Although the HCG program is powerful, it still must face these problems.   Real HCG drops will often work quite well for the first 10-15 days before weight loss begins to slow to only around 1/4th of a pound per day.  Compared to any other known weight loss method, this is a fantastic level of average weight loss, but the HCG program is meant to do much more.  These plateaus generally last for 5-7 days during Phase 2.

One simple method to prevent this is through the use of particular kinds of fruits, which can cause metabolic boosts naturally.  Grapefruit has been identified in studies as the most powerful.  Further methods also include, boosting the total dosage of HCG (no greater than 250 IUs/day total), moderate exercise, and increasing caloric intake to over 700 per day for a brief period.  Each of these techniques has been shown in numerous studies to work well.  However, by far the easiest method is to employ natural metabolism boosting fruits or vegetables which can accomplish these benefits without any changes in routine.

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