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Phase 3 – How The Diet Program Changes

The HCG diet program is a great way to lose weight, and the best part of the program is seeing your success and entering into Phase 3 at the end of the program. At long last, the results you have hoped for are finally present, and it’s time to think about maintaining this in the long term. Though HCG is quite powerful, it’s important to realize that once it’s out of your system, your body can revert to its original size over time. Phase 3 is meant to stop this from happening.

There are some key tenants of Phase 3, that can really make or break a person’s long term success on the program.  Particularly a few key factors for success can be outlined with a few steps:

  • Keep in mind that maintaining the weight that is lost is easier than losing it in the first place
  • Carbohydrates, breads, and some dairy can be reintroduced during Phase 3
  • You do not want to return to a high caloric intake at any point after Phase 2
  • 1500-1600 calories per day is allowed during Phase 3, which can include many things prohibited in phase 2
  • There’s no “loading” unless you enter into another regimen to lose more weight
  • You cannot stay in phase 3 for a shorter period than 21 days before starting another regimen


Major Areas Of Concern

Phase 3 is much less restrictive than either previous phase, but that doesn’t mean people can simply stop paying attention to what they put into their bodies.  Ideally, people will want to take in less than 100 grams of carbs for instance, while in Phase 3.  Additionally, the 1500 calories per day is a fairly strict and important part of this phase.  Anything higher and people may begin to gain some weight back again.  The idea is to maintain the weight that was dropped during Phase 2, and allow your body to lose any tolerance to the HCG hormone that built up.

Dairy products can also be reintroduced once again, but users should keep in mind that they still offer some negative consequences.  Cheese is acceptable, but raw milk still contains Bovine Growth Hormone generally (assuming it’s not organic) which can be quite damaging to the body.  This hormone is chemically very similar to Human Growth Hormone, so it can cause weight gain and thyroid effects.  A few important things to keep in mind during phase 3 is the importance of moderation.  Not only moderation of calories per day, but also of non-organic or processed foods.  These are generally never a good idea, regardless if you intend to go back to a ‘normal’ diet after phase 3.  If you intend to do another HCG regimen, however, staying away from these types of foods is even more important for the success of the follow-up regimen.

Phase 3 can last 21 days or more, before beginning a new regimen of the HCG diet program.  After phase 3, you should start Phase 1 again, and go through the steps as if it was your first time on the program.  Generally, there are no special steps that need to be kept in mind when doing this either.

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