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Selecting Foods and Keeping Your Weight Loss Stable Throughout

Weight Loss By Diet ChoicesMaintaining stability in weight loss during the various phases of the HCG diet is often a major hurdle for success.  Many people experience major issues maintaining consistent results during phase 2 due to the plateau mechanism of metabolism.  Once a person begins to lose weight, it is not always a straight line of weight loss day to day.  A person’s metabolism will generally slow down some as they lose weight, as the body attempts to stop the loss of fat.  Evolutionarily, this was an essential part of survival, as loss of body mass was often a precursor to stressful times without food, and retaining stored fat was necessary.  Yet, nowadays, there is no doubt this is a very negative consequence of the dieting to lose weight.

HCG does help arrest this aspect of weight loss to some degree, as it shifts metabolism higher naturally.  Yet, the effects of the hormone cannot completely halt all loss of metabolism that comes from dieting. Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve true metabolism boosting in the long term, but exercise is one additional method that can be added to the HCG diet program during plateaus.  This can speed up metabolism further than the HCG hormone can alone.  Also there are food choices that can also be of significant help in maintaining and sustaining weight loss throughout the program.

We have discussed at length what entails successful HCG shopping while on the program.  There are various fruits and vegetable choices that can help prevent dieting plateaus.  Particularly the use of apples, cantaloupes, and as discussed in our last post, grapefruit has been shown to be a huge boon to weight loss while on the program.  These are natural foods that can boost metabolism through natural means.  As such, they will generally allow people to lose weight above and beyond their simple strict adhering brethren.

Metabolism and appetite are the two biggest problems in any diet program, and the HCG hormone has been clearly shown to affect both facets of weight loss.  Yet, it’s far too difficult to lose weight in the long term to warrant the use of a single weapon in the fight.  HCG is an essential part, and even the most powerful part, of any weight loss goal.  Ultimately, however, it’s in the hands of other things as well.  A person’s metabolism can drop to levels that HCG simply cannot combat, and that’s where exercise and certain food choices come in.  Each part as an essential role in a person’s weight loss goals.  Ultimately, it’s up to each individual user to set their own standards and add what they need to their program in order to achieve success.

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