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Steps To Success On The HCG Program

Really Happy Real HCGThe steps for the best results on the HCG diet program are not always a perfectly straightforward course from A to B. Many will experience bumps along the way as they strive to achieve long term success regardless of the obstacles. These bumps can come in the form of plateaus, where a person will no longer be able to lose weight after a certain number of days on the program. In order to achieve extreme HCG results, people must follow strict guidelines, as set out in our Quick Start Guide. Baring this, they may also achieve great results by following Dr. Simeons’ original protocol closely. Whichever method you choose, these barriers can still form and require specific steps to overcome. These steps to success can be outlined relatively simply, but each is an important component to long term success and reaching the ultimate goals of the HCG diet.

Steps to HCG Diet Success

The HCG diet program requires adherence to the various phases of the program. From loading to maintenance, each phase is meant to allow people to get the maximum benefits of their weight loss over the long term. There are a few simple steps, however, that can ensure a person’s success throughout:

  • Maintain low carbs in Phase One – Contrary to popular opinion, phase one requires people to monitor their diet closely. It is imperative to keep foods high in fat, and low in carbs for these 2-3 days to maximize lipid mobilization.
  • In Phase Two, Avoid Temptation – Though appetite is significantly reduced in phase 2, this doesn’t mean people should place themselves in situations around the wrong kind of foods. The temptation to eat bad foods is strong, regardless of how little appetite a person may have.
  • Do not ignore the importance of Phase 3 – Phase 3, the maintenance phase, allows people to avoid a growing immunity to the effects of the HCG hormone on their body. Without this break, people will eventually become completely immune and be unable to lose weight further.
  • Phase Two Involves Two Major Choices – People can choose between the classic approach, which had a strict allowed foods list and was 500 calories per day, or the modern approach, which allows for 700 per day with a wider variety of options. Both produce similar results in studies on this topic.

The HCG diet can produce fantastic results. Most people using HCG Plus are able to achieve at least 20 pounds of weight loss within a single regimen, and follow-ups can offer similar results. The modern approach may lead to less overall weight loss per day, but more weight loss per regimen. Most people that use HCG Plus find it to be a lot more bearable as well. However, HCG in general requires various considerations and careful attention should be paid to them to maximize success on the diet. HCG can be an amazing option, however, in instances where weight has been historically stubborn.

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