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Struggling With Uncertainty On The HCG Program? New Tips!

water and weight lossThe HCG diet program is certainly a powerful and effective weight loss treatment. More people are now using it than any other, but unfortunately, there are still many falling for the ‘homeopathic’ or hormone-free scam. These products don’t contain the hormone at all, and as such, do not work. People are going on a reduced calorie diet without the aid of any proven pharmacological aid.  This can be a dangerous and potentially self destructive prospect.It’s never an easy task to lose weight, no matter what treatment people choose to go with. Unfortunately, many of the popular prescription treatments just don’t provide much in the way of results. That’s where the HCG diet program comes in.

Everyone knows that HCG Plus’ hcg drops are indeed real and non-homeopathic, but what does that mean exactly? Non-homeopathic refers to the fact that HCG Plus is not one of those homeopathic or hormone-free imitators.  It contains actual HCG, in quantities sufficient for successful weight loss. Additionally, it can also be used in any way that a normal HCG dosage is to be used.  That includes when users have chronic health conditions which make weight loss by diet or exercise impossible.  HCG was identified to be a huge advantage for those with diabetes or hypothyroidism.  In both cases, the benefits go beyond weight loss.  Diabetics can experience a normalization of insulin levels while thyroid functioning can also equally stabilize.  The effects allow those that lack mobility to also experience great benefits and great weight loss results.


How Much Water Do You Need To Drink With HCG?

HCG Plus staff members receive this question a lot, so they asked me to clarify this point for them.  One of the major tools for success is definitely keeping hydrated.  You do not want your body to become dehydrated at all, or your metabolism my slow down.  B-12 that’s included in the drops may also cause a bit of dehydration on their own, so people need to ensure they drink enough.  Though you do not have to drink only water on the HCG diet, it’s important to get at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of liquid per day.

People can also choose to drink anything that is very low calories, does not contain a lot of fake sweeteners (stevia and even splenda are ok, but diet sodas are generally a bad idea).  Flavored water, tea, coffee, etc can all be used to spice things up and keep your palate from growing tired of the same foods.  There are other options, light lemonades or other natural drinks, but this is mostly up to the user!

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