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Weight Loss Results with the HCG Diet Plan – Explained

Weight Loss ResultsWe have people asking us this often, however, there is simply too much disinformation out there today. The HCG diet program is not your “average weight loss method”. Rather it is a powerful and dynamic weight loss solution that offers tremendous long term results to its users both during and following the program. The before and after results our customers experience can be truly astounding, with the vast majority losing weight quickly and keeping it off in the long term. Many people, however, are still confused by how this is possible. In this post we will attempt to dispel many rumors and such circling around about this popular program.

The more classic approach to the HCG diet program was a 500 calorie per day weight loss solution that attempted to reinforce commonly expected reactions to hunger and the simple math of calories vs metabolism. This is what Dr. Simeons originally researched. Yet, despite all this, the more modern day approach is now generally advised in lieu of these questionable ultra low calorie plans. Kevin Trudeau is frequently cited as the groundbreaker of this modern approach to HCG weight loss, and the results are truly astounding with this program. Rather than taking only a mere 500 calories per day, the advise is based upon research done that indicates it’s much more important to keep foods natural than to starve oneself on the program. Advising a higher caloric intake per day, Mr. Trudeau’s plan has been a smashing success. 700 calories is generally advised without many of the strict requirements to stick to certain fruits and/or vegetables. Rather people are given the opportunity to use a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they desire and as is natural. The results our customers experience with this modern approach are astounding. Most people lose between 20 to 30 kilograms within a single treatment with much more being common in follow up regimens.

Is Real HCG Banned?

HCG drops that contain the actual hormone has certainly never been banned by the FDA or any other US body. Rather, they do not sanction their use for weight loss as the program has not been extensively tested in clinical settings by the FDA itself. Doctors are still prescribing it readily to their patients in the hopes it will offer them the same great success that many customers know it possesses. There is no ban or present controlled action against real HCG in droplet forms, rather, it is against businesses which are issuing false statements about the content and integrity of their products. The FDA does not approve any HCG supplements, but oftentimes retailers are guilty of using their logo which is against the law in many instances. Likewise, retailers often claimed that their products contained the hormone when this was generally not the case whatsoever. On account of these recent changes, however, do be wary of any suppliers which do not specifically state the content and integrity of their drops.

It’s all too simple to assume that this program will not work, because oftentimes these fad diets have little clinical basis. The HCG program is one of the few exceptions to that rule. Many users experience weight loss that is both long term and quick. Likewise, when looking at these results in clinical trials, the efficacy of the HCG diet is well over 90%. Despite conditions like hypothyroidism or diabetes, this program has proven itself to be highly effective and a terrifically potent weight loss method. Users cannot get enough of losing weight with this hormone, and it’s not too difficult to see why. The vast majority not only lose weight, they lose more weight than they ever could have achieved through normal dieting or exercise programs.

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