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Maximizing Result On the HCG Diet

Healthy Tips for HCG Diet Millions of people are now using the HCG diet program to lose weight, and it’s no surprise that it has become this popular. For decades now, physicians and medical professionals have been prescribing this treatment to their patients to help them lose weight. For the most part, users lose between 20 to 30 pounds within a single treatment. This level of weight loss is orders of magnitude more powerful than any other known treatment. General prescription medicines like Xenical or Phentermine are also popular, but their level of weight loss is a fraction of that seen with the HCG diet program. As a result, this hormone treatment is now the #1 most prescribed and recommended way to lose weight in the world.

How does the HCG diet work? There are two major areas of the body that are responsible for weight gain, metabolism and appetite. These elements can quickly cause problems, if not properly controlled. Metabolism is what is responsible for the speed and efficiency that your body burns calories. Once a person gains weight, the body will compensate and shift the metabolic rate down in order to prevent weight loss of the stored fat. This may have been good historically, but now this is a very bad thing for those seeking real weight loss. In the modern world, there is no need to store fat as there is generally an abundance of food resources. As a result, scientists are looking for things that can directly modify this bodily function and improve its rate. The HCG diet program does just that.

The Functions of the HCG Diet

  • Improve metabolism – It does this by directly interacting with the brain’s hypothalamus gland
  • Decrease appetite – For many dieters, appetite can be a real problem, HCG fixes this
  • Help with chronic health problems – Many people see huge symptom relief from things like diabetes while on the program
  • Provide long term stability – No going up and down in weight between diets
The modern HCG approach varies considerably from Dr. Simeons original research, but the functionality of the program remains much the same.  The brain’s hypothalamus is directly effected by the introduction of the hormone into the body and as a result users see huge decreases in appetite and increased metabolic rate.  Both of these properties are totally unique to the HCG program, as no other method in the world has ever been shown to directly target and improve these areas. 

Whenever a person begins the program, they often see that it is available via injections.  Yet, there are also oral supplement forms of this treatment.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the droplets and pellets people can take orally are totally fake.  They are often marketed as “alternatives” or “homeopathic” but in reality do not contain the actual hormone whatsoever.  Users should be wary of buying any of the above, and only get real, non-homeopathic HCG as sold here at Xtreme HCG drops.  We provide the web’s only non-homeopathic, non-prescription HCG drops, and they have worked for over 20,000 of our previous customers to date.  Homeopathic drops on the other hand, do not even contain the hormone, and as a result, the user will not experience all of these amazing benefits that the program has to offer.

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