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Finding Good Health Requires More than Commitment to Change

Beach WalkingGood health can be incredibly elusive and difficult to maintain.  Many people are, as a result, trying out various weight loss programs in the hope they will get them to a healthy body weight again.  However, very few pharmacological treatments actually provide results and if they do, generally they are quite limited.  Even prescription treatments generally only offer 3-4 lbs of weight loss within a month of the treatment.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t many options to help people lose weight in the long term.
The HCG diet program is one treatment that breaks this mold. Rather than a few pounds being lost, the average user of HCG loses 20-30 pounds of fat within a single regimen. This treatment is so powerful, that physicians and professionals now recommend it over any other weight loss method.  So what exactly is the secret to the HCG diet?


Powerful Biological Basis

The HCG diet program possesses an extremely powerful clinical basis for its results.  Thousands of studies have been conducted on this weight loss method, and all of them show it to be a powerful and unique treatment for obesity.  The secret lies within the hormone’s effects on the body.  HCG is a natural hormone, and as such, interacts with the human body in a set, biological way.  It directly interacts with the brain’s hypothalamus gland, the area responsible for metabolism and appetite.  In doing so, people are able to burn more calories, yet eat less, completely naturally.  This has led to a monumental rise in the popularity of this treatment.

Physicians have studied this program in depth and reached some important conclusions.  First and foremost, HCG works on the brain rather than on the body itself.  Many “stimulant” based weight loss solutions target the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of obesity.  These simply do not work in the long term as a result.  Secondly, the HCG diet requires at least 150IUs per day of the hormone to be effective.


Insuring You Get Enough HCG

You may have stumbled across retailers marking their “homeopathic” drops with things like 2x, 4x, 6x etc.  This is a bogus measurement, and does not mean anything in reality.  However, even the most concentrated homeopathic HCG drops contain less than a billion times the needed daily dosage of HCG.  The vast majority of these homeopathic drops, however, are really hormone-free and do not contain the HCG hormone at all.

Paramount to not only losing weight during the program, but preventing weight gain after hcg, is the use of real HCG of at least 150 IUs per day.  Going on a diet without this assistance will lead to fast weight gain after halting the diet, or even no weight loss at all.  Unfortunately, many people have fallen victim to these many retailers offering their bogus products.  It’s up to the consumer to ensure they find a source for real HCG, like HCG Plus, that has the dosages required to be effective.  Most retailers do not meet this high standard, however.

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