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Shopping for the HCG Diet – Filling Your Basket

Shopping for HCG Many of our customers ask us about their trips to the grocery store and just what they should buy.  There is no one size fits all answer to this question, but a great start is to employ a variety of different vegetables and fruits as allowed by the program.

There really is no limitation as far as what kind of vegetables or fruits to buy, as such, people should be encouraged to experiment to find the proper balance that works best for them.  A proper program will entail the use of beef, fish, and chicken all together as their protein sources.  Protein shakes as well can be employed as meal replacements as part of the program.  Protein shakes should be protein isolates, or a similar whey alternative that contains very low amounts of calories and fat.  However, there are no “HCG diet” specific protein products that we recommend, as there are many out there that work quite well.

Likewise, almost all vegetables and fruits are allowed on the program.  Of particular note is the things that are not, however.  Things like rice, potatoes and corn are not allowed in phase 2 as the high starch and high carbohydrates in these violates the HCG diet.  Examples of proper vegetables are cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, leeks, and onions (though there are many more).  Nearly all fruits are allowed, minus those that have very high carbohydrates.

When beginning Phase 2, there are simply too many recipe ideas to mention.  We have tried in the past to talk about the various tools for success on the HCG diet, but finding good tasting recipes is always a great idea.  There are many choices out there, but generally, keep in mind the various caloric limitations.  Per day, a person should keep below 700 calories and below 60g of carbs on phase 2.  Melba toast, for instance, can be replaced with Grissini, or can be made at home.   You can actually make homemade melba toast using the recipe below.

You will need 8 slices of white bread

  • Preheat a broiler on high and place the bread on both sides in turn, toasting each
  • Remove the bread crust and then, as you hold the toast flat, slide a sharp knife between the toasted edges in order to split the bread, as such you will have 8 slices with toasting on only a single side
  • Cut the slices each into 4 triangles equally sized, and then continue to toast under the broiler, untoasted sides pointing up, until golden and the edges of the bread curl.


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