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Grapefruit A Metabolism Booster – The Magical Diet Plateau Solution?

GrapefruitHCGWhenever a person plateaus during the HCG program for the first time, they often wonder if it’s their own fault, or the fault of the product they are using. However, much we tell people, it seems hard to imagine that their weight loss would stall. This point can be a significant low in any weight loss program, but with HCG, due to its extremely good results, it can be heartbreaking.  Despite this, it is actually a natural byproduct of the HCG program.  People may experience plateaus for up to 6 days without any weight loss at all, which can be quite frustrating.  Increasing dosages, changing foods, and generally doing exercise can afford some reduction to plateaus during phase 2.  We discuss some additional strategies in a previous post about various tools for success that can be used to magnify the results on the program even further.

However, the single best method we find is the use of “fruit days”.  These days entail the substitution of all meals throughout the day with a single fruit.  Apples and cantaloupes are the most common choices, as the high amounts of “accelerated” vitamins available in these cause plateaus to move much quicker.  Many recent studies, however, actually suggest that the use of raw grapefruit is the best plateau buster out there.


The Science and the HCG Diet

A recent 2011 study conducted by Vanderbilt University showed that after 12 weeks of grapefruit juice being added to a diet program, individuals lost 7.1% of their total body fat.  Subsequent studies showed that raw grapefruit was even better for the task, pushing the total body fat loss up, as well as creating a more “full” feeling.  Ultimately, it is believed by researchers that the effects of this fruit on the body generate a metabolism boosting byproduct.  This increase in metabolic rate can push people past their stable weight areas, even within a diet program.

The use of this as a plateau busting agent is clearly demonstrated for use in the HCG diet program.  The replacement of fruit days with “grapefruit days” should be considered an advised policy.  People who are plateauing in phase 2 should definitely consider the use of grapefruit days as possibly the most effective for pushing past these areas of the program.

Really though, beyond these obvious plateau benefits, which are absolutely fantastic based upon the data known, grapefruit appears to magnify the entire effects of a weight loss program.  Introduction of grapefruit into a person’s daily food choices has been clearly shown to increase overall weight lost (and not by a small degree either).  The benefits clearly go beyond use during stalls, and should be considered as an essential part of the HCG diet in general.  Though Dr. Simeons did not mention any of these effects, it is our recommendation that the modern approach include grapefruit in the future recommendations made by those interested parties changing and improving the program for us all.  The benefits are too clear to overlook.  This simple fruit may offer the magnitude boost of weight loss on the HCG diet program we all crave!

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