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Maintaining HCG Weight Loss Success – After Phase 2

How to Maintain Your Weight LossMany people often ask us, just how can they maintain their weight loss results once they finish their regimen? There are some definite advantages to the use of real HCG, like HCG Plus, and those also carry through to Phase 3. The maintenance of the weight lost on our program is relatively straightforward. People are to go on a 1500 calorie maintenance phase, and they are allowed to eat any organic foods for the remainder of their time on the program. Once people move out of phase 3, they should maintain a maximum of 1800 calories a day, in line with the foods allowed during phase 3.

Real HCG is not an end all solution to people’s weight problems.  Rather, it’s a huge additional booster to weight loss during the diet program, and great appetite suppressant.  It allows people who have long term weight gain to arrest, and even reverse, this process.  However, it does not mean that a person can go back onto a high fat and high calorie diet after the program is finished.  HCG works for as long as it remains in the body and the body will revert to its previous state once it’s over.  However, what the HCG diet plan allows is for a lot of weight loss, quickly, so that people’s bodies can get back to normal.


Powerful Results Need Long-term Commitment

Once a person stops taking HCG and resumes their normal routine, maintaining that weight should be a huge priority.  There are several key steps one can take to ensure success:

  • HCG drops may be powerful, but you need to stick to a healthy eating plan afterwards
  • To avoid gaining weight once again, do not revert back to your “old ways”
  • Keep in mind that organic foods, produce and such that was common in the diet, should be continued
  • HCG’s results will not remain without the use of HCG, as a result, you will need to eat healthy and exercise after the weight loss
  • The HCG diet plan is a fast solution, but it is not a permanent solution once you stop taking it

Maintaining results as actually fairly simple.  You can go back to eating starches, all fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.  Stay away from the various processed foods that are commonplace at grocery stores and supermarkets.  Maintain healthy habits like daily exercise, and keep your total calorie intake below 1800 per day.  These simple methods will ensure that your weight loss is not only fast, but long-lasting!  There’s nothing worse than achieving your goal weight only to lose it all.

Our customer results have always been exceptional compared to our competitors, however, that is because of the use of real HCG in our drops.  The results after the program, without the aid of HCG, are completely in the hands of the user.  They must maintain their weight and follow the guidance in phase 3.  Commitment as well as perseverance is necessary to maintain your weight loss goal, but real HCG can certainly help you get there!

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